Since 2013, the Patrick on Pricing Roll Call has attempted to track the law firms that truly invest in a Pricing Function by employing at least one full-time Pricing professional.

As of November 30, 2019, approximately 145 law law firms in 13 countries employed more than 350 pricing professionals.

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*CPP denotes Certified Pricing Professional, the highest qualification in the Pricing profession (Professional Pricing Society, LINK)
*ALPP denotes Accredited Legal Pricing Professional, the only qualification designed for the legal industry (True Value Partnering Institute, LINK)

Addleshaw GoddardManager, PricingPaul CommonsUK
AkermanDirector, PricingUS
Akin GumpChief Practice OfficerJosette Grippo, Esq.US
Akin GumpManager, Client ValueThomas LevyUS
Akin GumpManager, Client ValueBrian ScheckUS
Akin Gump Manager, Client ValueGretchen TurnerUS
Akin Gump Manager, Client ValueJessica van der HahnUS
Akin Gump Analyst, PricingRama RafieUS
Akin Gump Analyst, PricingBrittany WhitneyUS
Akin GumpManager, Client ValueErin MearnsUS
Allen & OverySenior Manager, Pricing & Commercial ProjectsNigel Laws, CPPUK
Allen & OveryManager, Pricing & Commercial Projects Peter WilliamsUK
Allen & OveryManager, Pricing & Working CapitalJames LukHK
Allen & OveryAnalyst, Pricing and Commercial FinanceCraig JacksonUK
Allen & OveryAnalyst, Pricing and Commercial FinanceRobert PilcherUK
Allen MatkinsDirector, Strategic PricingJohn MurphyUS
AllensGeneral Manager, Pricing & MarketsPier D'Angelo, CPP, ALPPAU
AllensHead of PricingMichelle Florenini, CPP, ALPPAU
AllensProgram Manager, Innovation & PricingLiza GreenwoodAU
AllensAnalyst, Pricing & MarketsAnna TremewanAU
Alston & BirdSenior Analyst, Pricing Strategy & Project ManagementEric NorenUS
Arnold & PorterDirector, Pricing & Practice AnalysisKristin WoodUS
Arnold & PorterManager, Pricing & Practice AnalysisOPENUS
Baker & HostetlerDirector, Client Value & Practice EconomicsVictoria HoffmanUS
Baker & HostetlerSenior Manager, Client Value & Matter ManagementKathleen ThompsonUS
Baker & HostetlerManager, Client Value & Practice EconomicsChristopher Park US
Baker & HostetlerAnalyst, Client ValueMaria McCoyUS
Baker & McKenzieDirector, Pricing StrategyJae UmUS
Baker & McKenzieSenior Manager, Global Pricing & AnalyticsJoshua Zorger, CPP, ALPPUS
Baker & McKenzieManager, Pricing OperationsAlvin SiclotPH
Baker & McKenzieCoordinator, Pricing SupportGina CarforaUS
Baker & McKenzieSenior Analyst, PricingAna EscobarUS
Baker & McKenzieSenior Analyst, PricingNicole TalisonUS
Baker & McKenzieSenior Analyst, PricingDanyale Taylor-ROgersUS
Baker & McKenzieAnalyst, Global Pricing OperationsAnna LekomtsevaIT
Baker & McKenzieAnalyst, PricingCorey KochUS
Baker & McKenzieAnalyst, Pricing (Global Services)Eduardo Latorre LucanES
Baker BottsDirector, Pricing & Practice ManagementJohn StrangeUS
Baker BottsAnalyst, PricingKatherine BrownUS
Baker DonelsonChief Client Solutions Group OfficerDavid Rueff, Esq.US
Baker DonelsonDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementJohn Christenson Jr.US
Ballard SpahrChief Client Value & Innovation OfficerMelissa Prince, ALPPUS
Ballard SpahrDirector, Strategic Pricing & ProfitabilityDaniel PopeUS
Ballard SpahrManager, Strategic PricingJoe HarrisUS
Barnes & ThornburgChief Legal Operations OfficerJared ApplegateUS
Barnes & ThornburgAnalyst, PricingJon (Rick) EadsUS
Barnes & ThornburgManager, PricingLevi RemleyUS
Bass BerrySenior Analyst, Strategic PricingRayner Fredrick, CPPUS
BeneschDirector, Pricing, Project Management & Client Account ServicesJulie Vaccaro, Esq.US
BeneschAnalyst, PricingMichael McAvinewUS
Berry ApplemanDirector, Revenue Management & PricingMark FujiwaraUS
Berry ApplemanManager, Strategic PricingJohn HickeyUS
Berry ApplemanCoordinator, PricingDaniel PerezUS
Berry ApplemanAnalyst, PricingBeheshta SamadUS
Bird & BirdHead of PricingAnthony S.UK
Blake CasselsPricing CounselAlex Marshall, Esq.CA
Blake CasselsPricing CounselShaya Silber, Esq.CA
Blake CasselsAnalyst, PricingVictoria MacLeanCA
Blake CasselsAdministrator, Pricing & ProjectsShannon WongCA
Blank RomeChief Innovation & Value OfficerLinda Novosel, Esq.US
Blank RomeDirector, Strategic Pricing Sharon (Argentina) ScennaUS
Blank RomeSenior Manager, PricingJake ReisUS
Blank RomeAnalyst, Client ValueBrian LaskowskiUS
Borden LadnerSenior Analyst, PricingBerlini UthayakumarCA
Bowman & BrookeManager, Pricing & AnalyticsChris PedrolieUS
BracewellManager, PricingGibo TristanUS
Briggs & MorganSpecialist, PricingSal GatiUS
Brown RudnickSenior Analyst, PricingLuis CabreraUS
Bryan CaveChief Practice Economics OfficerChris EmersonUS
Bryan CaveChief Practice Economics OfficerDarran StevensonUK
Bryan CaveDirector, Legal Operations SolutionsBruce BraudeUK
Bryan CaveManager, Practice EconomicsRickie GriggsUK
Bryan CaveManager, Practice EconomicsMichael MackUS
Bryan CaveArchitect, PricingJohn KaiserUS
Bryan CaveSenior Analyst, Practice EconomicsAngie FillaUS
Buchanan IngersollSenior Manager, Strategic Pricing & Client StrategyNicole Beck, ALPPUS
Butler SnowDirector, Strategic Pricing & AnalysisBrad Antici, ALPPUS
Butler SnowSenior Analyst, PricingAaron BoersmaUS
Choate HallAnalyst, PricingMorgan EsteyUS
Clayton UtzHead of Pricing & Legal Project ManagementLibby Maynard, Esq.AU
Clayton UtzManager, Pricing & Project ManagementMatthew ChuAU
Clearly GottliebManaging Attorney, Pricing Strategy & Client ValueThomas Hall, Esq.US
Clifford ChanceManager, Strategic Pricing & AnalysisMatthew ChongUK
Clifford ChanceManager, PricingJochen HorlinDE
Clifford ChanceManager, Pricing & Working CapitalSamira KhademiAE
Clifford ChanceSpecialist, PricingDonald GilbertUK
Clifford ChanceSpecialist, PricingDavid ParkerUK
Clifford ChanceSpecialist, PricingEmily WilliamsUK
ConstangyDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementR. Shawn Gross, Esq.US
CooleyAnalyst, PricingRebecca SmithUS
Corrs ChambersHead of Pricing & ProfitabilityKylie Cole-HamiltonAU
CovingtonChief Strategic Pricing OfficerJonathan Cott, ALPPUS
CovingtonDirector, Strategic Pricing Analytics & Project ManagementNatasha EdlowUS
CovingtonSenior Manager, Strategic PricingMichael ColangeloUS
CovingtonManager, Strategic PricingAgyeman BonsuUS
CovingtonManager, Strategic PricingLauren JohnsonUS
CovingtonManager, Strategic PricingNicholas ZinnUS
CovingtonSenior Analyst, Strategic PricingSean Walton, Esq.US
CovingtonAnalyst, Strategic PricingRobert AlbertUS
CovingtonAnalyst, Strategic Pricing & Project ManagementBlake DavisUS
CovingtonAnalyst, Strategic PricingJordan GilesUS
Cozen O'ConnorManager, Client ValueBryan JonesUS
CrowellSenior Director, Client Services & PricingMatthew LawsUS
CrowellManager, Pricing & Project ManagementKyle SullivanUS
CrowellCoordinator, Pricing & Project ManagementAnna SimpsonUS
CrowellAnalyst, Pricing & Project ManagementJustin WilsonUS
Davis WrightDirector, Practice EconomicsBrian Fanning, ALPPUS
Davis WrightAnalyst, PricingJeff CustisUS
Davis WrightAnalyst, Pricing & ProfitabilityLisa NilssonUS
De Brauw BlackstoneConsultant, PricingSebastiaan Visser, Esq.NL
DebevoiseManager, Client ValueSerge SalganikUS
DebevoiseSenior Analyst, Strategic PricingNicholas PinoUS
DebevoiseSenior Analyst, Client ValueJake TrundleUS
DechertManager, Matter Analytics & PricingKatie AscencioUS
DentonsGlobal Director, Strategic Initiatives & PricingKeri Cupples, ALPPUS
DentonsGlobal Manager, Strategic PricingJeremy FeuilloleyCA
DentonsSenior Analyst, PricingPaul LipariUS
DLA PiperHead of Operations & PricingStephen Spencer, ALPPAU
DLA PiperManager, Client PricingKaren SkeggsUK
DLA PiperAnalyst, Strategic PricingBrian BlissUS
DLA PiperAnalyst, PricingJane FelixUK
DorseySenior Analyst, Pricing & Strategic OperationsAmanda HellingUS
Drinker BiddleDirector, Pricing & Budget ManagementHarry McEntee, ALPPUS
Eversheds SutherlandChief Pricing & Value OfficerDwight Floyd, ALPPUS
Eversheds SutherlandHead of PricingAnnabelle SmithUK
Eversheds SutherlandProject Executive, PricingLiz WillUK
Eversheds SutherlandSenior Analyst, Pricing & AnalyticsTaffy StillsUS
Eversheds SutherlandAnalyst, Pricing & ProfitabilityShaylynn RobertsUS
Eversheds SutherlandSenior Specialist, Pricing & ValueKelli MerchantUS
Eversheds SutherlandSpecialist, Pricing & ValueBrittney WilsonUS
Faegre BakerDirector, Strategic Analysis & PricingChad CookUS
Faegre BakerSenior Analyst, Strategic Analysis & PricingWilliam ElwellUS
Faegre BakerSenior Analyst, Strategy & PricingMitchell FaustUS
FaskenDirector, PricingCA
FaskenManager, PricingSophia JeuneCA
FaskenManager, PricingDennis TangCA
Fenwick & WestDirector, Pricing & Product DevelopmentKevin Vaarsi, ALPPUS
Fenwick & WestCoordinator, PricingHoward ChenUS
Fenwick & WestSenior Analyst, PricingPaul ZimmermanUS
FinneganSenior Director, Pricing & FPAMichael PorterUS
FinneganSenior Manager, PricingCollin CusanoUS
Fish & RichardsonSenior Manager, Financial Analysis & PricingDaria BigelowUS
Fish & RichardsonSenior Manager, Client Services ContractRobert BrackettUS
Fish & RichardsonSupervisor, Profitability Reporting and AnalysisScott EllinwoodUS
Fish & RichardsonSenior Analyst, Litigation PricingAlainna SamuelsonUS
Fish & RichardsonSenior Specialist, Litigation & LPMStephanie CarrUS
Foley & LardnerManager, Pricing & AnalysisJon LindrusUS
Foley & LardnerSenior Analyst, PricingPeter PfallerUS
Foley & LardnerAnalyst, PricingErica FigueroaUS
FragomenGlobal DirectorDoug Woods, ALPPUS
Fredrikson & ByronManager, Pricing & Project ManagementDoug KassebaumUS
Fredrikson & ByronSenior Analyst, PricingSteven ChambersUS
FreshfieldsGlobal Director, PricingJason GauldUK
FreshfieldsHead of Pricing (Europe)Joerg StraussDE
FreshfieldsGlobal Manager, PricingIgor OrlicUK
Fried FrankSupervisor, Reporting, Analysis & PricingMike ShinUS
Frost Brown ToddManager, PricingChris DailyUS
Gibson DunnDirector, Client ValueWendy KaoUS
Gibson DunnManager, Pricing & AnalyticsJack St. MartinUS
Goodwin ProctorManaging Director, Pricing & Project ManagementAlexandra Schulze, Ph.D.US
Goodwin ProctorSenior Manager, Pricing & Project ManagementBob Chandler, ALPPUS
Goodwin ProctorManager, Pricing & Project ManagementJanelle LopezUS
Goodwin ProctorDirector, Pricing OperationsErin CavanaughUS
Goodwin ProctorManager, Pricing OperationsBrendan CollinsUS
Goodwin ProctorAnalyst, Pricing OperationsRianardo EllisUS
Goulston & StorrsChief Value OfficerChristopher Ende Esq.US
Goulston & StorrsSenior Analyst, PricingAndrea MenezesUS
GowlingManager, Pricing StrategyAndreea AxaniCA
Greenberg TraurigChief Pricing OfficerMatthew Beekhuizen, ALPPUS
Greenberg TraurigAnalyst, PricingAshley ArmstrongUS
Hawkins ParnellDirector, Pricing & ProfitabilityField WhitleyUS
Herbert SmithHead of Pricing (Asia Pacific)Stive CattapanAU
Herbert SmithManager, PricingIan CooksonAU
Herbert SmithManager, Pricing (Australia)Ben GooleyAU
Herbert SmithManager, Pricing (Asia)Pooja ShahHK
Herbert SmithManager, Pricing (Disputes)Georgina ThorpeUK
Herbert SmithLead, Pricing & AnalysisSamuel DaviesUK
Herbert SmithHead of Legal Operations (Disputes)John O'DonoghueUK
Herbert SmithDirector, Legal OperationsIan GilbertUK
Herbert SmithManager, Legal Operations (Disputes)David DunnUK
Hogan LovellsDirector, Pricing SolutionsChris KrebsUS
Hogan LovellsManager, Strategic PricingMyles BourenUS
Hogan LovellsManager, PricingFreddie MarksUK
Holland & HartSenior Analyst, Pricing & Project ManagementMarcus FriedmanUS
Holland & KnightDirector, Pricing & Data AnalyticsMichael Katz, ALPPUS
Holland & KnightSenior Analyst, PricingAshley DuggerUS
Holland & KnightSenior Analyst, PricingChristopher VayalumkalUS
Honigman MillerChief Value PartnerCarl Herstein, Esq.US
Honigman MillerAssociate Chief Value PartnerJoseph Sgroi, Esq.US
Honigman MillerManager, Client Value InitiativesMike TilleyUS
Hunton Andrews KurthDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementJim Foley, ALPPUS
Hunton Andrews KurthSenior Manager, PricingMitch Spradlin, ALPPUS
Hunton Andrews KurthManager, Pricing AnalyticsEmily NicklisUS
Hunton Andrews KurthAnalyst, PricingJessica LipfordUS
Husch BlackwellDirector, Legal Project Management & PricingKevin Bielawski, ALPPUS
Husch BlackwellSenior Manager, Strategic PricingJenny Brown, ALPPUS
Ice MillerChief Pricing OfficerEllen De RosaUS
Jackson LewisManager, Client Pricing & Risk AnalysisYuri ConradUS
Jones WalkerDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementAntonella Montagna, Esq.US
K&L GatesDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementBart Gabler, Esq.US
K&L GatesManager, Pricing & FPAJamen LewisUS
Katten MuchinDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementKeith Mazierek, ALPPUS
Kelley DryeDirector, Strategic PricingMike Milazzo, ALPPUS
Kilpatrick TownsendAssociate Director, Pricing & AnalyticsDaniel RonesiUS
King & SpauldingDirector, Strategic PricingAaron FrankUS
King & SpauldingSenior Analyst, PricingMichael FlorentineUS
Lane PowellDirector, Business Operations & PricingUS
Lavery AdvocatsDirector, PricingDavid Kergoat, CPP, ALPPCA
Lenczner SlaghtCoordinator, PricingLester TongCA
LinklatersHead of PricingPeter SawkoUK
LinklatersGlobal Manager, PricingDavid ParkerUK
LinklatersAdvisor, Client PricingZach RhodenUK
LittlerDirector, Strategic PricingLisa Ford, ALPPUS
LittlerManager, PricingJustin KershnerUS
LittlerManager, Strategic PricingChris MillerUS
Loeb & LoebDirector, Pricing & Client AccountingStephanie FlitcroftUS
Lowenstein SandlerDirector, Pricing & ProfitabilityMikhail Makarovsky, ALPPUS
Mayer BrownChief Pricing & Value OfficerBarry Mehew, ALPPUS
Mayer BrownManager, Client PricingTimothy McCallUS
Mayer BrownManager, Client PricingMeredith MarshallUS
Mayer BrownManager, LPM & Pricing (Asia)Lee WeltonSG
Mayer BrownAdministrator, Client PricingCorey TobeckUS
Mayer BrownLead Analyst, Client Pricing & Rate AnalyticsMary KowalkowskiUS
Mayer BrownLead Analyst, Pricing & Project ManagementMimi WanHK
Mayer BrownAnalyst, Client Pricing & Rate AnalyticsPeter RothUS
Mayer BrownAnalyst, Client Pricing & Rate AnalyticsMilos MandicUS
McCarter & EnglishChief Client Value & Practice Management OfficerAlex Macdonald, Esq.US
McDermott WillDirector, Pricing and Matter ManagementSteve Manton, ALPPUS
McDermott WillSenior Analyst, PricingMichael DuncanUS
McDermott WillCoordinator, PricingDavid EngelUS
McDermott WillCoordinator, PricingKrush ParikhUS
McDonald HopkinsSenior Analyst, PricingDaniel ZimbardiUS
McKool SmithDirector, Pricing & StrategyAdam Barvels, ALPPUS
Miles StockbridgeDirector, Pricing & Matter ManagementJim Shoemaker, ALPPUS
MillbankManager, PricingRyan CallahanUS
Minter EllisonAnalyst, PricingCarolina McAlindonAU
Mintz LevinDirector, PricingChad Johnson, ALPPUS
Mintz LevinSenior Analyst, PricingMatthew PanebiancoUS
MooresManager, Business Services & PricingKaizad KasadAU
Morgan LewisSenior Director, Revenue ManagementJennifer MappUS
Morgan LewisDirector, Client Pricing & AnalysisStephen FoyUS
Morgan LewisAnalyst, Client Analysis & Rate ManagementKarin McHughUS
Morgan LewisAnalyst, Client Pricing and AnalysisThao NguyenUS
Morgan LewisManager, Client Analysis & Rate ManagementJohn LonginoUS
Morgan LewisSenior Analyst, Client Pricing & AnalysisAlphonso TsinijinniUS
Morrison & FoersterDirector, Pricing & Financial AnalysisAngela Floessel, ALPPUS
Morrison & FoersterManager, PricingPaco RivillaUS
Morrison & FoersterManager, PricingRixon RobbUS
Norton RoseHead of PricingDaniel PembrokeUK
Munger TollesDirector, Pricing & AnalyticsMagdalena ChowUS
Neal GerberManager, Strategic Pricing & RiskAlison LarsonUS
Norton RoseSenior Manager, PricingCarlos RichardsCA
Norton RoseSenior Manager, Pricing (EMEA)Emily SwalesUK
Norton RoseManager, PricingMarlene FountainUK
Norton RoseManager, PricingJohn HansenCA
Norton RoseExecutive, PricingFarrya GhaffarUK
Norton RoseExecutive, PricingJade RattrayUK
Norton RoseAnalyst, PricingDilan H.UK
O'MelvenyManaging Director, Strategic AnalyticsPaul CoveyUS
O'MelvenyAnalyst, PricingSima KamranUS
Ogletree DeakinsDirector, PricingHector GarciaUS
Ogletree DeakinsAnalyst, PricingJoseph L.US
OrrickChief Pricing OfficerAndrew BawUS
OrrickCoordinator, PricingAbbey Spradling DonahueUS
OrrickCoordinator, PricingMary SellersUS
OrrickSenior Analyst, PricingBipin ZachariahUS
OrrickAnalyst, PricingCheryl AmesUS
Osborne ClarkeHead of Commercial Finance & PricingGiles JonesUK
OslerDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementLarry Chung, ALPPCA
OslerManager, PricingIrina NikolovaCA
OslerAnalyst, PricingDennis TangCA
Paul HastingsDirector, Strategic PricingPurvi SanghviUS
Paul HastingsSenior Analyst, PricingDeysi GonzalezUS
Paul HastingsAnalyst, PricingRoland HendricksonUS
Paul HastingsAnalyst, PricingJamie KimUS
Paul WeissDirector, Strategic PricingNathaniel RobinsonUS
Paul WeissManager, PricingHasmeet LambaUS
Paul WeissSenior Analyst, PricingJulio SanchezUS
Pepper HamiltonChief Pricing OfficerPeter Secor, ALPPUS
Pepper HamiltonManager, Pricing & Project ManagementMarc PerreaultUS
Pepper HamiltonAnalyst, PricingSteve CruzUS
Perkins CoieDirector, Pricing & Practice Management EconomicsEugenia Frenzel, ALPPUS
Perkins CoieManager, Strategic PricingBrad WilliamsonUS
Perkins CoieSenior Analyst, PricingElizabeth NguyenUS
Perkins CoieAnalyst, PricingChloe CarverUS
Perkins CoieSpecialist, PricingJonathan C.US
PillsburySenior Director, Pricing & Project Management SolutionsJessica Gichner, Esq.US
PillsburyAnalyst, PricingJennifer FrederickUS
Pinsent MasonsHead of PricingAdrian Avanzato, ALPPUK
Pinsent MasonsPricing & Project ExecutiveAlexandra MusikhinaUK
Pinsent MasonsPricing & Project AccountantJulian LongstaffUK
PolsinelliSupervisor, PricingApril AtkinsUS
PolsinelliDirector, PricingRon PaquetteUS
PolsinelliSenior Coordinator, PricingCiara PutmanUS
Proskauer RoseSenior Pricing StrategistSergey MezhiritskiyUS
Quarles & BradyManager, Pricing & ProfitabilityStephanie JuranitchUS
Quinn EmanuelAnalyst, PricingHung NgoUS
Reed SmithGlobal Director, Client ValueSuzanne Hawkins, Esq.US
Reed SmithDirector, Client ValueJardanian Josephs, Esq.US
Reed SmithManager, Pricing & Project Management (EMEA)Carlo AdduonoUK
Reed SmithManager, Pricing Manager (US)David McClureUS
Reed SmithManager, Pricing & AnalyticsKofi Mundy-CastleUK
Reed SmithSupervisor, Pricing & AnalyticsMatthew BondiUS
Reed SmithAnalyst, PricingMaria KedzierskaUK
Reed SmithAnalyst, PricingVincent McMullenUS
Reed SmithAnalyst, PricingSteven SchreinerUS
Reed SmithAnalyst, PricingKristen SmithUS
Reed SmithAnalyst, PricingDominik WeberUS
Robins KaplanChief Strategy, Pricing & LPM OfficerBree Johnson, Esq., ALPPUS
Robins KaplanStrategies, Pricing & Strategic ProjectsUrte MelyteUS
Ropes & GrayDirector, PricingMichael BoussyUS
Ropes & GraySenior Manager, PricingBryan ChuUS
Ropes & GraySenior Analyst, Pricing Brianna DonahueUS
Ropes & GraySenior Analyst, Pricing Julia TurnerUS
Saul EwingDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementSteven FlaksUS
Seyfarth ShawSenior Director, Pricing & Business SolutionsAndrew Jewel, Esq.US
Seyfarth ShawManager, Strategic PricingAndrew MasakUS
Seyfarth ShawManager, Pricing & Financial AnalysisAndrew ZrustUS
Shearman & SterlingSenior Analyst, PricingChristine SchachtUS
Shearman & SterlingSenior Analyst, PricingSean AbranUS
Sheppard MullinSenior Analyst, PricingKathleen FaberUS
Shulte RothAnalyst, PricingAnthony HarrisUS
SidleyDirector, PricingBridget SieckUS
SidleySenior Manager, PricingCasie CulbertsonUS
Simmons & SimmonsManager, PricingDave WellingtonUK
Skadden ArpsManager, PricingUS
Skadden ArpsSenior Analyst, PricingJohn BinghamUS
Skadden ArpsAnalyst, Client Relations & PricingDavid PopeUS
Skadden ArpsAnalyst, Strategic PricingWesley LumUS
Slaughter and MayHead of Business Intelligence & PricingRichard SmithUK
Slaughter and MaySenior Manager, Business Intelligence & PricingJessica ColleyUK
Snell & WilmerDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementJames OmerzaUS
Squire Patton BoggsManager, Strategic Client PricingMark Apolinar, ALPPUS
Steptoe & JohnsonChief Pricing & Project Management OfficerMarsha KendallUS
Steptoe & JohnsonAnalyst, PricingDylan BassichUS
Sterne KesslerDirector, Client ValueTina ElsnerUS
Stinson LeonardAssociate Director, PricingMark CraigUS
Stinson LeonardStrategist, Growth & PricingAndrew BoyerUS
Stoel RivesDirector, Pricing & Project ManagementLeo ChingUS
Stoel RivesAnalyst, PricingValariy KulakevichUS
Sullivan & CromwellSenior Manager, Pricing & AnalysisSteven JaffeUS
Thompson HineSenior Manager, Strategic PricingStacy PavettiUS
Travers SmithManager, Pricing & Commercial FinanceLaura BeggsUK
VenableManager, Operations & Pricing AnalyticsNick ZinnUS
Waller LansdenDirector, PricingOPENUS
Webber WentzelSpecialist, PricingEbrahim KakaZA
White & CaseGlobal Director, Strategic PricingBrian DunlopUK
White & CaseGlobal Manager, PricingJames GardinerUK
White & CaseAnalyst, PricingKatharina BodisUS
White & CaseAnalyst, PricingRebecca WatsonUK
Wilmer HaleDirector, Pricing & Business AnalysisMichael GouletUS
Wilmer HaleManager, Pricing & Business AnalysisDaniel BrunerUS
Wilmer HaleSenior Analyst, Pricing & BusinessBrendan DyerUS
Wilmer HaleSenior Analyst, Pricing & BusinessJared FreemanUS
Wilmer HaleSenior Analyst, Pricing & BusinessSarah KeirnsUS
Wilson SonsiniDirector, Pricing & Legal Project ManagementVarun Bahl, ALPPUS
Wilson SonsiniManager, PricingRohit BhaktaUS
Winston & StrawnSupervisor, Client PricingEdgardo GonzalezUS
Winston & StrawnSenior Analyst, Client PricingAman KhanUS
Winston & StrawnSenior Specialist, Client PricingKimberly MoakUS
Womble BondChief Pricing & Business Analysis OfficerKeith DunnUS

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