Attorneys who invest in Pricing are more profitable.

For nearly 20 years, Patrick has work across a broad range of law firms–from 70 attorneys in a single office to 1,600 attorneys in 10 countries–including two AmLaw 100 firms. With a career in both business development and Pricing, Patrick is an exceptional resource for how Pricing Strategy works within law firms to win work, to improve margins, and to grow profits.

Pricing Theory. As the legal industry’s first Certified Pricing Professional, Patrick has a wealth of advanced knowledge of Pricing principles.

Pricing Practice. As head of two AmLaw 200 Pricing & Project Management teams, Patrick has a diverse understanding of Pricing functions, day-to-day procedures, and staffing requirements.

Pricing Fun. As an award-winning speaker, Patrick is known for his high-energy, highly entertaining presentation style, which complements his content-rich, highly interactive teaching methods. Patrick makes training fun.

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