TyMetrix announced today that its new web-based product will give law firms instant access to legal performance data. According to the press release, MatterAnalyzer “allows firms to determine how they can operate more profitably, compare against industry standards to compete more effectively, and quantify their value to new and existing clients.”

According to Craig Raeburn, managing director of TyMetrix Legal Analytics:

MatterAnalyzer is the only standalone tool in the enterprise legal management industry that can help law firms price matters better, verify how to best staff these matters, and determine which matter activities need to be completed. It is light years ahead of anything else in the market in its capacity to help law firms enhance and improve the value of their legal work.

Chris Emerson, Bryan Cave’s Director of Practice Economics, said this kind of resource helps law firms determine their competitiveness: “Tools such as MatterAnalyzer can help deliver insight for law firms to truly understand the current marketplace environment. This is critical for firms that want to analyze their pricing and determine how competitive they are in the market.”

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For more information on MatterAnalyzer: TYMETRIX WEBSITE