Chief “Pricing” Officers Continued Record-Setting Pace in 2019

Chief “Pricing” Officers Continued Record-Setting Pace in 2019

If the hiring of five pricing-related Chief Officers in 2018 could be characterized as momentum, then last year the legal industry was in full acceleration mode.

In 2019, five law firms hired a Chief Pricing Officer — more than double any prior year. In addition, two law firms hired pricing-related Chiefs, bringing the total to seven: the first time seven C-suite leaders have been hired in the same year.

Also in 2019, Akin Gump filled its Chief Practice Officer position, and Steptoe filled its Chief Strategic Pricing & LPM Officer position, giving the legal industry a total of 20 Chief “Pricing” Officers. (Berger Singerman, Simpson Thacher and Stinson Leonard Street no longer have a Chief.)

Based on the last two years of record-setting growth, and using recent history as a guide, the legal industry is set for another record-setting year. In fact, we could witness the first double-digit hiring (10+)!

2019Baker McKenzieChief Services OfficerDavid Cambria, Esq.
2019Barnes & ThornburgChief Legal Operations OfficerJared Applegate
2019Eversheds SutherlandChief Pricing & Value OfficerDwight Floyd
2019Ice MillerChief Pricing OfficerEllen De Rosa
2019McCarter & EnglishChief Pricing & Practice Management OfficerAlex Macdonald, Esq.
2019OrrickChief Pricing OfficerAndrew Baw
2019Womble BondChief Pricing & Business Analysis OfficerKeith Dunn
2018Ballard SpahrChief Client Value OfficerMelissa Prince, Esq.
2018Bergman SingermanChief Pricing & LPM OfficerEddie Raychaudhuri, Esq.*
2018Blank RomeChief Innovation & Value OfficerLinda Novosel, Esq.*
2018Goulston & StorrsChief Value OfficerChristopher Ende, Esq.
2018Pepper HamiltonChief Pricing OfficerPeter Secor
2018Shearman & SterlingChief Knowledge & Client Value OfficerMeredith Williams-Range, Esq.
2017Robins KaplanChief Strategy, Pricing & LPM OfficerBree Johnson, Esq.
2016Perkins CoieChief Practice Management OfficerToby Brown*
2016Simpson ThacherChief Pricing OfficerEddie Raychaudhuri, Esq.
2016Stinson Leonard StreetChief Strategy & Pricing OfficerDoug Doerfler
2015Covington & BurlingChief Strategic Pricing OfficerHushman Cott, Esq.
2015Steptoe & JohnsonChief Strategic Pricing & LPM Officer, Chief Client Value OfficerLinda Novosel, Esq.
2015Bryan CaveChief Practice Economics OfficerChris Emerson
2014Greenberg TraurigChief Pricing OfficerMatthew Beekhuizer
2014Akin GumpChief Practice OfficerToby Brown
2010Drinker BiddleChief Value OfficerKristin Sudholz