I guess it is human nature to have a spark of ingenuity without knowing its origin.

Last summer, while working on the value chapter of my forthcoming law firm pricing book, I came across the work of Aaron Kuehn. Kuehn, an American graphic artist, creates typograms: complex systems depicted entirely typographically using only the names of their parts. Perhaps his best-known work is the Bicycle Typogram (VIEW).

Kuehn’s typogram and the idea of using words visually to create meaning and to communicate connectedness really resonated with me. Could it be applied in the legal industry? After much effort, the answer was ‘yes.’ Allow me to introduce The Value Bike™ —

The Value Bike

The simplicity of the “complex system” relies on a lawyer’s value to be bifurcated: the two components–equal in importance–are Work Product and Relationship. From there the other pieces fall into place: Expectations, Communication, Differentiation, Branding, etc.

The Value Bike™ also helps keep things in perspective: Client Objectives always steer the bike; Work Product always leads the bike; Relationship always drives the bike; Value is only achieved when all the pieces roll together.

I have created a webpage to explain more about The Value Bike™: WEBPAGE

The Value Bike™ was featured in the ABA’s Law Practice Today June 2014 issue: READ