More Profit

With the right Pricing Strategy, your Practice Group or Firm can increase its profitability by double digits.

The Heart of the Matter

Law firms have four opportunities to improve Profitability: reduce fixed costs, reduce variable costs, increase volume, increase price.

The Great Recession forced firms to reduce costs. Unwisely, many firms also reduced prices to maintain volume, at the expense of profits: discounting diminishes profits.

Today, the industry has recovered. Forward-thinking firms are turning to Pricing professionals to protect and drive profitability. By harnessing the power of Pricing, firm leaders can count on more profit.

More Profit for Law Firms

Versioning: The Beer Test

Two comparable beers are priced at $1.80 and $2.50.

With two choices, the more-expensive beer wins:

$1.80 – $2.50
20% – 80%

A third, low-cost option drove buyers to the middle:

$1.60 – $1.80 – $2.50
0% – 80% – 20%

A third, premium option shifted buyer behavior:

$1.80 – $2.50 – $3.40
0% – 84% – 16%


The result? More Profit by offering three options.


If your Pricing Strategy is not helping you increase your
Firm or Practice Group Profitability, it’s time to take action!